Kenjitamura Online Alias Site for Political and Sexual Oriented Content


How does someone socialize on the internet, express highly opinionated and uncensored views on contentious subject matter, and do it without creating tension in their social-familial circles?  By making an alias of course and that’s just what this is; a site established for the purpose of satisfying the desire to make statements that would otherwise alienate a person from social circles in real life.  When a person grows up indulging the request from their family members to live a “wholesome” and somewhat conservative lifestyle, by conditionally filtering all of their expressed speech patterns and opinions, it can become very tiresome when there’s no outlet for relief.  And thus I’ve actually been using this alias, kenjitamura, for years in online activities including: political forums and news sites, pornographic and fetish forums, anime and manga media sites, and online gaming.

While I’ve been doing this for years, I’ve never linked my persona’s from the mixture of diverse sites I frequent so that I may maintain a consolidated online social presence.  So that’s what I’m attempting to do with this site; I’ll make this site accessible to social networking sites made for this persona and share content so that it can easily be accessed by individuals from these member sites.  The plan is to give others of these sites a more comprehensive look at my thoughts and interests so that I can hopefully maintain more fulfilling social interaction online.

Edit: read through the wordpress acceptable content policy and it says links or videos to pornographically explicit content are not allowed. I was originally going to make some of the content I enjoy available on this site but will refrain now. I will probably still include written details of the content I enjoy because that appears to be acceptable for wordpress but I will not be sharing images or videos. I’m considering setting up a tumblr website for just the explicit sexual content because apparently they are much more lax on those kinds of restrictions.

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