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Some Comments I’ve Not Yet Shared- pt. 1

So, sometimes when I get engrossed with writing comments for news article sites I end up not realizing when I’ve gone over the character limits.  And then I inevitably don’t post most of those comments at all because I do not want to reduce the content of the posts.

Here’s one such comment that was addressing the lack of scandal evidence found in Benghazi reports:

What I got from this is that the official reports still reflect a large amount of controversy surrounding the Benghazi debacle but many of the criticisms have been aimed in the wrong direction.  The one criticism people still have the right to charge towards the white house is that the inappropriate crediting of it as a response to an anti-islamic film was an excessively speculative and premature decision.  Though a lot of people probably would have assumed the exact same thing given that there was a large turnout of protesters in islamic countries and the rabble flocking to the embassy were inside an islamic country.  Real problems with the handling of the issue seem to be rooted in the incompetence of our bureaucratic structure and the insufficient budget apportionment to address this kind of exigency.  The budget problem seems to be congresses fault but the department of state is part of the executive branch so you’d think the Obama administration would have some hand in that area.


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