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My comments concerning Phyllis Schlafly became a little too jocular; I got caught up in demonstrating the flip side of Poe’s Law

Before the election they were already popping the champagne and outfitting Romney’s pants with a disinfectant exterior, so he could tolerate the idea of sitting on any of the furniture in the White House used by the Obama family, and then a couple days after the election it looked like their bubble had finally burst and they got a clue. I think this woman is one of the people trying desperately to affix a patchwork mending over the old bubble because she can’t look forward into the future without the comfort of knowing everything needs to be done her way or not at all. Or, at least I think that’s the impression I got of her, I’m not totally sure as I can’t be bothered to look up from texting on my obamaphone right now. Anyone else going to make it to the party at the Clinton’s fifth tax payer funded beach front summer home later tonight? I hear Gore has us hooked up with some choice supplies and we already have the DEA bankrolled as part of the security team so they’ll be looking the other way.


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