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Why I maintain the belief I’ll never have to think about it when I’m told to “[just] think about it.”

mental_disconnectReminder: Japanese comics/manga are read from right to left.

I am fond of going back and occasionally looking at these window excerpts from “One Piece”. I’d always thought that because One Piece is targeted towards a shounen audience I wouldn’t find it enjoyable, I thought this all the way up to just within the last year. But, as I read the manga I found that even after 700 chapters Eiichiro Oda has maintained a seamless progression of events that aren’t plagued by inconsistencies, or hurried attempts at rationalizing newly introduced characteristics, in his world. After he introduces a new element to the manga he opts to let the story continue on for a couple hundred chapters with only brief and occasional mentions of the new story device before he even starts to develop it in the manga’s story. It makes for a very natural feeling of development while reading.

Aside from the enjoyable storytelling implementation, there has been another aspect of the manga to keep my attention. Between the legally accommodated slave trade, the ruling class Tenryuubito, the revelations that corrupt individuals come from all backgrounds, the divisiveness between factions despite sharing many of the same ambitions, and the inability of the ruling forces to differentiate between well-meaning groups that are only outlaws in name and full-fledged criminals, it feels to me like the whole story is an allegory to the complex political relations of our world. I might try to elaborate on this suspicion later but right now I don’t care to write several pages for a blog post today.


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